Top Rosé in the real Soho of Málaga

The municipality is doing everything it can to bomb the area between the Alameda and the port into the Soho of Málaga. Malagueños know better. The real Soho is the area just behind the Plaza de la Merced: Lagunillas. The still somewhat  dilapidated neighborhood is slowly coming to life. Breathtaking graffiti paintings jump from every angle. Within this violence of color and character, you will find the small wine bar El Tinglao de Lagunillas in the calle Lagunillas.

It is the first really hot day in Málaga, we opt for a rosé, Castelo 2018 from Castilla y León. The first thing we notice is the light pink salmon color, which immediately reminds us of rosé from the Provence. Sipping on the wine, the comparison persists royally. An extremely fresh, elegant, beautiful bone-dry rose with crispy fruit, made from 100% Grenacha. The 2017 version has been named the best rosé of Spain of that year by the Spanish Association of Wine Journalists.

El Tinglao has a small but carefully selected wine collection by the owner. The wines from the region are also available. You can take all the wines home or pay  a little corkfee  (3 Euro) in the bar. A fantastic assortment of cheeses accompanied our glasses. Graffiti, Grenacha and Enjoyment 5 minutes from the crowded center; long live the real SOHO.

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