Wines from Los Montes de Malaga

The wines from “Los Montes de Malaga” come to life again

Taking off from the heart of Málaga, via the Camino de Colmenar, you drive into the beautiful nature park ‘Los Montes de Málaga’. Affectionately called ‘the lungs of Málaga’ by the Malagueños. Once this was a powerful wine region until the grape disease phylloxera in 1876 from here started her destructive trek through Europe.

Vines were replaced by pine trees, especially to prevent erosion. In the Lagar de Torrijos eco museum you can see beautiful pictures of Los Montes before afforestation. But the vineyards are slowly coming back to life. Old vineyards are being taken care of again and new vines are being planted. When these new vines are around five years old, they will provide a sufficient quality of grapes to make wine from. The older the vine, the better the grapes. In Ventas such as Mijeño, El Detalle and Puerto de Leon, you can find simple and robust wines from bone dry to very sweet.

Bodega Victoria Ordoñez from Málaga is a pioneer in the revival of quality wines from Los Montes. With her Voladeros wine, she brings the traditional wine from Los Montes, a dry white wine from Pedro Ximenez, in its modern, extremely elegant variety to the present. Where the Axarquia is best known for Moscatel de Alejandria, the terroir and climate of Los Montes make Pedro Ximenez thrive. This week Victoria launched her first red wine, Marti-Aguilar 2016, as a homage named after her mother. It is a blend of Petit Verdot, Syrah and Tempranillo. The Málaga Wine Guide has not tasted this yet, but will soon report on it.

Coming Friday, April 5, the Málaga Wine Guide is organizing, the first wine tour through ‘Los Montes de Málaga’. If you wish to join us, more information and bookings: A Great Afternoon at Los Montes de Malaga.

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