Sexy Organic Wines on Axarquia markets

From our correspondent in the Axarquia, Annette Marsden

Axarquia has many farmers style markets where regional produce can be sampled and supplied.  Trapiche is one such market. Located at the stunning Jardines de Trapiche, every Tuesday, including the hot summer months, it runs from 9.30 til around 13.30.  It was pretty exciting to discover organic wine being sold from the back of a caravan!

This retro, silver caravan, la Leshe que Tan, the cheese caravan sells both organic wine (red, white and vermut) and cheese.  I’d tried a bottle of their organic red and found it easy and tasty drinking.

Whilst the pair are firmly based in Andalucia supporting many of the local ecological festivals and markets, their wine originates in Catalan.  The reason for this: it is apparently difficult to find a decent local organic wine with no strange aftertaste.  Plus, their choice of organic wine matches their philosophy.  It’s from small producers marketed and sold by the unusually named Organic & Orgasmic company!

Organic & Orgasmic list among their producers: Vall Llach, Celler Comalats, Celler Frisach, Finca Parera, Celler Carlania, or Casa Berger to produce their organic wines.  They hunt down the wines and small vineyards that share their beliefs.

Does Organic & Orgasmic live up to its name?  I certainly share it’s  marketing slogan that, ‘Wine is sexy’.  However, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was totally orgasmic.  I enjoyed it, even if it didn’t make my knees tremble!

The organic red is – made from Tempranillo grapes – is very fruity.  It  is packed with the flavour of summer.  Blackberries, cherries and strawberries make the wine feel very easy.  I can see why la Leshe que Tan would pair it with quality goats’ cheese.

The bottle price is 4.80€ which seems about right.  It’s certainly less that the horrendous mark up in Northern Europe when an organic tag is applied.  A 5litre box costs 27€.  I could certainly see a box on the terrace table whilst guests enjoy a BBQ and readily fill their glasses.

La Leshe que Tan have a Facebook page where they list their locations.  Aside from Trapiche, they visit Competa (a great wine location) on Wednesdays.  Saturdays see them at Viveros al Algarrobo garden centre which certainly makes the chore of plant shopping far more palatable.

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