Maria Pawlus – Our correspondent in the Nerja region

Maria Pawlus, our correspondent for the Nerja region introduces herself

Although my name is very (conveniently) Spanish I am originally from Poland. I lived in London, UK for over ten years and for almost 4 years now I am enjoying my life in lovely Nerja on Costa del Sol.

I enjoy learning new things. In the past, I have studied architecture, interior designing, mathematics, marketing, accounting and data analytics (this would sound impressive but out of all those I have only completed two ????).

Since I have moved to Nerja I started learning Spanish and I am also planning to learn (finally!) how to drive… There is so much beauty in Malaga region that I feel like I’m missing out only relying on public transport. Enotourism is my favourite way of tourism and although it clashes a bit with being a driver, I am determined to give it a go.

Living in Spain is much more relaxing than everywhere I ever lived before and I thoroughly enjoy it- when I can. I am in full-time employment working for a London based company that is a wholesaler for (mainly) wine industry. We offer everything from wine stoppers to retail furniture which makes the work interesting but also quite busy! I am working in the business intelligence department but also help with logistical aspects. Thanks to the progressive thinking of my bosses and to the existence of the internet I was able to take the job with me when moving from London to Spain. It is great that the business I work for is so closely related to something I have a real passion for. Learning new trends in the wine industry while living in a country with amazing wines is truly fantastic.

I have joined Malaga Wine Guide because I am hoping that by enjoying myself while checking out new wine bars and visiting bodegas, I will make myself useful to anyone who has similar passion and interest in looking for a delicious glass of vino.