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El Carpintero Casa Manzanilla

Where Casa Lola is the place for Palo Cortado, go to the El Carpintero Casa Manzanilla is for the best Manzanilla in town.

Manzanilla is the sister of Fino, from Xerez, the capital of the sherry region. Both are fresh bonedry wines made from the Palomino grape, that did not undergo the process of oxidation (like Palo Cortado).

Manzanilla comes from the coast town Sanlucar de Barrameda and although Fino and Manzanilla are look a likes they are according to the locals not taste a likes at all.

The salty mineral and seebreeze freshness that comes from the sea wind blowing through the open windows of the bodegas characterizes the unique taste of Manzanilla.

El Carpintero Casa Manzanilla also has nice tapas that go well with this excellent wine.

C/ Beatas, 32 – 29008 Málaga

678 631 139

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