Dimobe Bodega A. Muñoz Cabrera

Well known bodega in Moclinejo, Axarquia. It was one of the first bodegas that started with a dry white whine from Moscatel grapes, El lagar de Cabrera.

Axarquia is maybe the best region in the world to grow moscatel grapes . The vineyards are incredible steep and all over the region you can see the ´paseras´, where grapes are dried in the sunshine after the harvest to increase the natural level of sugar in the most.

The bodega has a full range of modern styled wines, white, rose and red. Even a very worthwhile 100% Petit Verdot, Finca la Indiana, produced from grapes that come from a finca in Ronda with the same name.

The bodega is also notorious famous for a wide range of sweet wines from Moscatel and Pedro Ximen grapes, produced in the tradition of Málaga, sometimes aged in wooden barrels for at least thirty years.  A dry version, Arcos de Moclinejo trasañejo, is a spectacular Pedro Ximen, that underwent slow oxidation for more than 30 years.


San Bartolomé, 5 – 29738 Moclinejo (Málaga)

952 400 594

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