Bodegas Viñedos Verticales

Bodegas Viñedos Verticales is the dream come true of two friends Juan Muñoz, third generation winemaker in the Axarquia (Dimobe) and the well-known enologist Vicente Inat.

The Axarquia is known for its small vineyards with very steep slopes. The grapes are picked by hand and taken away with donkeys. The poor, dry soils of slate produce high quality grapes. The terroir also provides plenty of minerality. The aromatic moscatel Alejandria is the undisputed queen of the region. Doradilla and Pedro Ximen follow.

Viñedos Verticales makes three very elegant modern wines, in which you can find the best expression of the grapes in combination with freshness and minerality. The dry Filitas y Lutitos is a blend of Moscatel and Pedro Ximen, La Raspa of Moscatel and Doradilla. Noctiluca is a beautiful sweet wine made from Moscatel grapes, which are first sun-dried after harvest to dehydrate and increase the natural sugar content.

San Bartolomé, 10- 29738 Moclinejo (Málaga)

951 30 97 14

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