Bodega Lascas de Pedernal

In the heart of the Ribera de Guadalhorce valley, in Neuva Aljaima you will find this bodega that works on innovative ideas.

Spectacular is the dry Moscatel from 2012, with three months of wood aging. A full, creamy, full bodied full expression of the Moscatel grape, with all its potent tropical fruit flavors and hints of a summery perfume. A wine that is easily combined with various types of meat and aromatic white and yellow mold cheeses. Bonedry and beautiful, fresh acidity, gives this wine a special place between all dry moscatel from this region. Her younger sister, the dry Moscatel from 2016, without wood aging, has a completely different character, but is also an excellent wine. Fresh dryness coincides perfectly with the aromatic character of the Moscatel Alejandria grape. An elegant wine that goes well with a’espeto de sardinas’ and even with crustaceans. In the wine cellars, Petit Verdot and Tempranillo wait for the moment that they can be bottled. A Petit Verdot with 15 and 12 months of wood aging will come on the market. Also a coupage from Petit Verdot and Tempranillo. The sweet wine of Tempranillo is what you can expect, velvety soft, warm and with a slightly bitter background. A sweet wine that is completely in contrast with the extremely viscous and sweet PX wines that are produced especially in the region.

The bodega also experiments with ‘wine’, from other fruits, fermented juice of, for example, orange, lemon and strawberry. Partly because of the use of the skins, interesting alcolholic drinks are created that are a source of inspiration, especially for cocktail makers.

Calle Limonar, 29570 Cártama, Málaga

952 36 64 00

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