BODEGA CRAWL 1, Axarquia, Bodegas Dimobe and Bentomiz

The Bodega Crawl takes you on a journey to learn all about wine making in the local bodegas. It will take you on a visit to two emblematic bodegas in the region, each offering their very own specialties representing both modern and traditional styles.

You will visit the vineyards, the production facilities and the ´sala de crianza´ (cellar) where the wines age over the years. Of course you will also taste the wines.

After the visit to the two bodegas a tapa lunch will be served in a Venta (traditional rural restaurant) with perfectly matched local wines, to give you an overall impression of the richness of Málaga as a wine producing region.

Duration: 5 ½ hours. 12.00h – 17.30h.
Price: 95 Euro. (including all visits, three wine tastings, tapas, lunch and transportation).
Every first & last Tuesday of the month starting from the 1st of May

For private group reservations on other dates please contact us.

More about the bodegas:

Bodegas Bentomiz

Bodegas Bentomiz is one of the most innovative bodegas in the Malaga region. The vineyard was abonded for many years untill it was bought by a Dutch couple that gave it a spectaculair new life some fifteen year ago. It produces a wide range of modern fresh wines. Their sweet wines are amongst the best in the world and can been found on the winelists of many restaurants with Michelin stars.

Dimobe, Bodega A Muñoz Cabrera

Dimobe is a well know bodega in Moclinejo,in the heart Axarquia. It was one of the first bodegas that started with a dry white whine from Moscatel grapes, El lagar de Cabrera. Axarquia is maybe the best region in the world to grow moscatel grapes . The vineyards are incredible steep and all over the region you can see the ´paseras´, where grapes are dried in the sunshine after the harvest to increase the natural level of sugar in the most. The bodega has a full range of modern styled wines, white, rose and red. Even a very worthwile 100% Petit Verdot, Finca la Indiana, produced from grapes that come from a finca in Ronda with the same name. The bodega is also notorious famous for a wide range of sweet wines from Moscatel and Pedro Ximen grapes, produced in the tradition of Malaga, sometimes aged in wooden barrels for at least thirty years. A dry version, Arcos de Moclinejo trasañejo, is a spectaculair Pedro Ximenez, that underwent slow oxidation for more than 30 years.

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