Bad Man Wines

Bad Man Wines is the project of the two young enologists Manuel Carrizosa Zúňiga and Simbad Romero.

In addition to having worked in almost every major wine country in the world, they bring that wealth of experience now to Ronda to create their own style of wines. Packed with enthusiasm and passion, they search for contemporary, bold fresh boutique wines produced with as much respect for nature as possible. They invest every Euro in their dream, they still live by working for other bodegas. The bodega produces a Moscatel de Alejandria, a Chardonnay, a rose from Merlot, a young red wine from Tempranillo and a blend from Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. A Petit Verdot is on its way. Tempranillo 2017 is a wine full of chararcter. Why should you think Tempranillo in the ‘warm’ Ronda despite its high altitude? This early ripening grape mainly produces fantastic wines in Rioja and Ribera del Duero and there is already so much of it. The wine surprises. Crispy, farm-fresh, velvety soft red fruit pops out of the glass against a background of a hint of licorice, balanced with a nice acidity for a cheerful freshness. Multi-purpose for many dishes. But also inviting for another glass, without anything, just you, your company and the wine. These “bad men” know about winemaking. The same personal character is also found in the other wines. Such as in the Merlot Rose 2017, full of light red fruit, raspberry and strawberry, a candy box of nature, at the same time also fresh, far away from ‘over-cooked fruit’, the danger that is always lurking in the south.

Bad Man Wines, another beautiful example of the spectacular rise of Ronda as a vibrant wine producing region.

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