Wine Bars

Araboka Plaza

Araboka has opened its second branch, called Araboka Plaza. It is slightly outside the center but well worth a detour. The beautifully renovated restaurant exudes wine and culinary pleasure.

You can book a table or relax at the bar. The wine collection is impressive (as with Araboka center) and there is a wide range of wines from Andalusia and Malaga. Antonio the owner is an expert in this field. The wines from the rest of Spain are also excellently chosen.

The gastronomic kitchen, where many regional dishes are given a modern culinary twist, fits perfectly with this wine festival. One of the few locations in Malaga where true wine love is combined with top-class culinary entertainment.


Calle de Pedro de Toledo, 4 & Plaza San Juan de la Cruz, C/ Compositor Lehmberg Ruíz
nº 28, local 6, Málaga.

952 124 671 & 951 233 888


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