About Us

What started with as a little wine bar in the center of Málaga has now become the Málaga Wine Guide, an initiative to promote the splendour of wines from Málaga to a wider audience.

It was in this bar where we were inspired to take this new step based on our often passionate discussions with our customers about Spanish wines. Both with local people and tourists.

We felt we had outgrown our nice but tiny venue and wanted to reach out to more people with our passion.

Spain is one of the most diverse wine producing countries in the world. From quality bubbles (cava), light fruity whites to intense red wines and complex sweet wines. And everything in between! Its wines have improved enormously year by year. Málaga follows this path with wines that are getting better and better. We are proud to promote those wines from the region.

The Málaga Wine Guide has a very simple mission:

To inform about wines from Málaga and to inspire our audience to enjoy those wines in the best thinkable way. In any shape or form. In the end it is all about the great pleasure that this world has to offer.